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 Headlights Eyelids Installation
Eyelids I will install in this workshop are carbon fiber Tom"s style ones.
As you can see on the pictures, the finish is really great.
To fix the eyelids, the most common way is to use double side tape.
If you have carbon fiber eyelids, the tape may not be hard enough to maintain the eyelids if they are bent. In that case , you can use windshield glue instead of the tape but it will be harder to remove when you will have to.
Step 1 : Cut some pieces of the tape and stick them hard on the eyelid"s back side. You shoul let the tape"s glus activate for about 24 hours. On some parts of the eylids, you will have stick 2 or 3 layers of tape to compensate the eyelid"s border.
Step 2 : While waiting for the glue to activate, clean you headlights with 90 alcohol, beware , the headlight"s glass is made of plastic.
Step 3 : Remove the tape"s protection and place the eyelids on the headlights, beginning by the outer corner to have the best alignment with the wing (fender).
Press the eyelid on the headlight foir at least 30 seconds, then if it doesn't stay sticked, use mask tape to maintain it for 24 hours.
Step 4 : You can now remove the mask tape and appreciate your car"s new look.

Many thanks to Alex @ Dyna Autosport (JDMParts_Guru) who provided the eyelids > Cheers mate.